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Recruitment service at Home

The quality of care depends on the quality of resources. Senior care is sensitive domain and resources are always required to be on top of their game and best behaviour. IVH understands the challenges of the domain and train our resources in-house before exposing them to the clients.

Care Managers

Care Managers are ex-defence personnel who are recruited through our tie-ups with Army Welfare Placement Organisation (AWPO), Indian Naval Placement Agency (INPA), and Indian Airforce Placement Cell (IAPC). After recruitment they go under basic healthcare training to make them familiar with the healthcare domain. Once ready for deployment, care managers are attached to a family where they are responsible for handling all eldercare requirements of the elderly.

Although all care managers don’t come from healthcare background but they bring with them qualities like trust, punctuality, hard work, dedication. Administrative skill are always cherry on the top. Seniors raise their requests through their care managers who then oversee the smooth resolution of the problem.

Care Managers often give surprise visits at client homes to audit the IVH SeniorCare services, which helps us maintaining and improving our quality standards.

Home Managers

Home Managers are hired from a hospital background and oversee the assessment and deployment of the medical attendants to the clients. Before bringing them into the system, they are trained to polish their communication skills. Clients who don’t have a care manager subscription have home managers as their point of contact.

Care Givers

Care givers are allied health professional who are hired in their initial years of professional lives through campus recruitment. Our talent acquisition team travel to various colleges and hand-pick quality resources to be inducted in the company. Once hired, care givers are trained in-house to upgrade their skill set to IVH SeniorCare standards.IVH SeniorCare has a dedicated team and facility for the training of care managers, home managers, and care givers.