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Care Manager

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Care Manager-Your trustworthy friend, son, advisor and companion

A care manager is a fulcrum around whom the services of ivhSeniorCare revolve. His defence background made him stay with large groups of people like family in unimaginable terrains. His unique ability to understand people from different backgrounds makes him the ideal person to understand your needs. A care manger enters your home as a service provider and becomes a part of the family. He acts as your go-to family member for all problems right from medical emergencies to planning impromptu parties. Your care manager also acts as your travel agent, pilgrimage or holiday planner and a companion to your shopping trips.

Patient Care Serivces

He is disciplined and focused professional retired from Indian Army, Navy or Air Force.

A trustworthy and dependable Caregiver

Strong ethics and 'never give up' attitude allows him to tackle any task at hand with ease.

Strong feet and disciplined minds on ground help us to customize solutions for the problems faced by elderly.

He can provide all the support to an elderly, ranging from healthcare to concierge.

Swati (name changed) an IT professional based in Bengaluru had to cancel her plans to visit Delhi for her parent’s anniversary due to office emergencies. Our care manager could not replace the presence of the daughter but made sure that he spends the rest of the day with Swati’s parents and do a small cake cutting ceremony. Swati is a satisfied customer and says, subscribing to ivhSeniorCare gives her peace of mind as she knows when she can’t be there someone will be.

Dinesh (name changed) subscribed to ivhSeniorCare for 3 months before leaving for the United States on an official trip. Unfortunately, his father suffered chest pain at 3 am after a few days. His mother could not understand what is happening and called our care manager. Our Care Manager was there within half an hour and took his father to the hospital. Dinesh’s father has recovered now and Dinesh never unsubscribed us. We are happy to serve his parents.