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The elderly population in India is increasing rapidly. India will have around 340 million people above 60 years of age by 2050. India is ageing faster than its healthcare and concierge infrastructure. Earlier young members of the family used to take care of their elders as a norm but now globalisation has scattered the young members of the family to various parts of the world in search of a career. This left the current generation of elders high and dry who were expecting to spend their old age with their children as their parents spent their old age with them. On the other hand, children were left with the remorse of not being able to take care of their parents in their ripe age

Sensing the issue, Swadeep Srivastava, a seasoned entrepreneur, established IVH SeniorCare. IVH SeniorCare, dedicated to healthcare and concierge needs of the elders, is an easy solution for elders and their children who are not able to stay together because of social and career responsibilities. IVH SeniorCare is not only about the eldercare but it is an umbrella for all your social and healthcare needs. Whether a person needs domiciliary support or ICU support, we are the solution. We already have 500+ satisfied customers and numbers are increasing with every passing day.

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Swadeep is a passionate to serving mankind, a part of which he fulfils by advising and helping friends and business associates in choosing the right treatment. Realizing that most of the people face challenges while choosing the doctors and treatments, he envisioned the India Virtual Hospital (IVH) www.indiavirtualhospital.com.

Swadeep started his career as chief PRO for Indraprastha Apollo hospitals and played a huge role in establishing the Apollo group in North India. He started his entrepreneurial career by establishing India’s 1st ‘specialist’ Healthcare PR firm ViaMedia Health in 2000, which he nurtured through 15 years. To venture into public sector, Swadeep needed capital and IT support, which he gained by merging ViaMedia Health with EBIX Inc., where he served as Country Head before starting the India Virtual Hospital (IVH) www.ivh.health. In this journey when ‘health marketing & communications’ got better defined, Swadeep was fortunate to associate & work closely for strategizing & implementing ‘specialist marketing & communications’ solutions, with India’s top medical bodies (IMA, MCI, CSI, etc.) as well as with topmost Consumer Healthcare Cos, Pharmaceutical Cos, and Medical Device Cos. Swadeep also founded HEAL Foundation (www.healfoundation.in) with the objective of building capacity of country’s health writers and spread awareness around key health issues in the masses. In the past 15 years, HEAL Foundation has conducted over 150 regional workshops for capacity building of health writers and 5 national level conventions to provide the country’s health writers to learn from industry experts, network, share and learn from their peers.